VIRUS World Cup Hypercarbon

VIRUS new RaceLAB series is the result of intense testing and development together with racers and pros all over the world.


VIRUS SL 157 World Cup Hypercarbon 157cm (narrow), 163cm and 168cm
VIRUS SL World Cup Allflex Hypercarbon Z (Zylon reinforced) 163cm and 168cm
VIRUS GS World Cup Allflex Hypercarbon Z (Zylon reinforced) 176cm (narrow), 180cm and 185cm

VIRUS SL and GS Worldcup Hypercarbon is the perfect tool for hard and fast SL and GS carving and racing. All boards are the latest evolution in World Cup racing and can be custom fitted to the riders weight. Born and proved at Worldcup races, now available for everybody. These boards give you maximum support in every snow condition. They are fast, very agile and with their elliptical sidecut easy to manoeuvre from tight to wide turns. Get your advantage now. No matter if you want to win the race or if you are just a weekend warrior. The Carbon version is the actual model used in EC and Worldcup racing all over the world but creates a lot of fun even for freecarving!

Why VIRUS World Cup Hypercarbon?

VIRUS most innovative SL and GS boards for higher speed!

Made of World Cup grade materials and craftsmanship! Exactly the same as what World Cup winners used!

More direct elastic feedback! faster speed and super agile!

Super light weight!

Elektron antistatic sintered base - even faster!

Elliptical side cut for wide to tight turns!

100% handmade in Germany!

Fully customisable in length, width, stiffness and appearance! 

スノーボード • Snowboard • Tavola • Deska • 스노우 보드 • Board • Tabla • Boarde • Σανίδας • Daska • Tábua • Prkno • Brett • Сноуборд
VIRUS World Cup Hypercarbon 2023-2024

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VIRUS World Cup Hypercarbon

  • Brand: VIRUS
  • Model: 2023-2024
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