• VIRUS X-treme Carver II Hypercarbon

VIRUS X-treme Carver II Hypercarbon - Extreme carving! 

VIRUS X-treme Carver II Hypercarbon is new extreme-carving star! More speed more acceleration .... simply easier carving! 


VIRUS X-treme Carver II Hypercarbon 162cm, 169cm and 176cm

The new hypercarbon construction lifts extreme-carving to a higher level! Much more edge grip and higher performance than any other extreme-carving board! Due to the elliptical sidecut the variability from tight to narrow turns is unreached in comparison to our competitors. 

Why VIRUS X-treme Carver II Hypercarbon? 

VIRUS most advanced EC board!

Hypercarbon Kevlar construction for super extreme-carving performance!

More smoothness! More edge grip! 

Elektron antistatic sintered base - even faster!

Elliptical side cut for wide to tight turns!

100% handmade in Germany!

Fully customisable in length, width, stiffness and appearance! 

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VIRUS X-treme Carver II Hypercarbon 2023-2024

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VIRUS X-treme Carver II Hypercarbon

  • Brand: VIRUS
  • Model: 2023-2024
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