• VIRUS X-Carve Zylon

VIRUS X-Carve Zylon - Boardercross and freeride world together! 

VIRUS X-Carve Zylon is the real crossover between a boardercross and freeride board. With the extended edge length and a bit softer setup than our BX boards you are ready to slice the ice. 27.2 cm center width is great for carving on softboots.


VIRUS X-Carve Zylon 163cm, 168cm and 172cm

The new generation of soft boot carving and free-ride board is based on a brand-new production and construction technology. VIRUS proudly produce world’s first soft boot snowboards, with the worlds strongest artificial fiber- Zylon. The scientist took the strength of spider web, the strongest natural fiber into a technical fiber. This fiber has unbelievable technical characteristics. Try it out and you will feel the advantage. The extremely high price of that fibre is worth every penny when it leads into performance.

VIRUS produced soft boot carving boards with extreme edge-grip keeping the flex soft for perfect float in powder snow. The acceleration of these boards is outstanding. Flying from turn to turn and carving the iciest slope becomes quite easy. All these boards have VIRUS engineered elektron race base. Superfast and extremely durable. Glide where others already push!

Why VIRUS X-Carve Zylon?

VIRUS X-Carve boardercross + freeride board shape!

Zylon sandwich construction!

The most recommended VIRUS board for soft boot carving and competition!

Super light weight!

Elektron antistatic sintered base - even faster!

Elliptical side cut for wide to tight turns!

100% handmade in Germany!

Fully customisable in length, width, stiffness and appearance! 

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VIRUS X-Carve Zylon 2023-2024

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VIRUS X-Carve Zylon

  • Brand: VIRUS
  • Model: 2023-2024
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