• VIRUS EVO Hypercarbon

VIRUS EVO Hypercarbon - Evolution Hypercarbon Series! 

Boards from VIRUS EVOLUTION series are classic hardboot carving snowboards. 


148cm Terror II EVO Hypercarbon
Storm II EVO Hypercarbon
160cm Rocket II EVO Hypercarbon
166cm Lightning II / Lightning II WIDE EVO Hypercarbon
166cm Nightmare II NARROW EVO Hypercarbon
173cm  Interceptor / Interceptor WIDE EVO Hypercarbon
176cm Tantalus II EVO Hypercarbon
176cm Black Death III NARROW  EVO Hypercarbon
185cm Stingray II EVO Hypercarbon  

The EVOLUTION series is a classic hardboot carving snowboard. The EVOLUTION series adopts VIRUS Hypercarbon titanium-free high-carbon structure, which effectively solves the problems of poor elasticity and slow response caused by titanium-tantalum aluminum alloy, which makes the board more elastic and edge stable, and accelerates more rapidly. The EVOLUTION series of snowboards contains Terror, Storm, Rocket, Nightmare, Lightning, Interceptor, Black Death, Tantalus, Stingray nine branches with different lengths and width characteristics. Each model corresponds to the rider's different body shape and carving preference 

Why VIRUS EVO Hypercarbon?

The same board shape as the Zylon Elektron series!

More elastic and edge stable!

VIRUS hypercarbon construction!

Elektron antistatic sintered base - even faster!

Elliptical side cut for wide to tight turns!

100% handmade in Germany!

Fully customisable in length, width, stiffness and appearance! 

スノーボード • Snowboard • Tavola • Deska • 스노우 보드 • Board • Tabla • Boarde • Σανίδας • Daska • Tábua • Prkno • Brett • Сноуборд
VIRUS EVO Hypercarbon 2023-2024

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VIRUS EVO Hypercarbon

  • Brand: VIRUS
  • Model: 2023-2024
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