UPZ RCR Box - Advanced damping system for all UPZ alpine hardboots

Benefits of the new UPZ RCR Box:

  • More direct at Front Side Turns
  • More direct move from Front Side to Back Side
  • Forward flex spring 10 mm longer (length 43mm)
  • Stepless adjustable forward lean via TX30 screw
  • The adjustment does not influence the springs
  • Independent adjustable backward flex
  • Independent adjustable forward flex
  • Lighter, than the standard ride/relax box

UPZ RCR Box is compatible to all UPZ boots.

Box content: soft, medium and hard springs, flat wrench 10mm, L-shaped Torx wrench T30.

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  • Brand: UPZ
  • Model: 2023-2024
  • Availability: Contact Us