VIRUS POWERLOCK III SI - Ultimate race alpine snowboard power binding. Step In INTEC version. Inclusive Virus absorption plates!

Virus Powerlock III race alpine snowboard binding is made of high-quality, polished and black anodized Aerospace aluminum. The handles of the binding are from 6 mm high-grade electrical polished steel. Teflon-coated Intec prevents from possible freezing of snow and ice. Virus Powerlock III is the ultimative high-end product for alpine racers and carvers. Baseplate of the binding is load CNC milled. The construction of the binding offers optimum board flex and reduces the risk of board breakage. Variable canting. Absolute quiet running. Lower weight and revised construction comparing to Powerlock II bindings.

One size for all hardboots from 4.0 to 13.0 MONDO size.

VIRUS ABSORBTION PLATES. The absorption with these plates is outstanding! The absorption plates are suitable for titanal snowboards and carbon snowboards. These plates made of carbon plastic rubber mixture to protect the surface of the board from possible damages. At the same time they offer another absolute advantage! Very pleasant filtering of the micro vibrations prevents from the premature muscle fatigue. Micro vibrations, which transfer over the board, are very often responsible for premature fatiguing of the musculature.

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VIRUS Powerlock III SI 

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  • Brand: VIRUS
  • Model: 2023-2024
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