F2 INTEC TITANIUM Ultimate race INTEC alpine snowboard power binding

F2 INTEC TITANIUM - Worldcup proven step in binding for racing and extreme carving. New base provides extra Flex. F2's ingenious Intec bindings features unique handling comfort and direct power transfer. Together with the worlds top athletes we improved the new generation, by redesigning the chassis for more flex and ride ability.

 Quick and direct power transmission
 EDS – cushioning system for control on icy courses
 Two sizes for perfect flex ratio also with small boots
 Anodized coating for superior look and corrosion resistance
 Height–adjustable, stainless front bail for a perfect boot fit
 Teflon-coated Intec-heel receptor, no snow or ice sticks to it

Red, Black, White, Blue

M: 21,5 - 27,5 mondopoint
L: 26,5 - 31,0 mondopoint

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F2 Intec Titanium 

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F2 Intec Titanium

  • Brand: F2
  • Model: 2023-2024
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