• SG Carbon Plate System

SG Carbon Plate System - The unbreakableSG unique floating hinge system

SG Carbon Plate System by Sigi Grabner - The advantages of using SG Plate System

SG exclusive floating hinge system permits the snowboard to flex without restraint, much better adapting to holes and bumps as well as to just about any snow conditions. This enhances edge hold and stability in all conditions. The device produces a much more relaxed ride, balancing holes and bumps that normally your body should absorb. If you are big footed it minimizes heel and toe drag by raising bindings level. The SG PLATESYSTEM boosts overall performance and riding comfort not just for competition riders but equally for the leisure snowboarders in soft or hard style.

• You can choose between 2 flex levels Medium (M) and Hard (H).
• The mounting brackets are compatible to all snowboards with standard insert patterns – 2×4 or 4×4.
• They are compatible to raceboards, freecarveboards, SBX-boards, freerideboards (both soft and hardboot riding).
• The SG CARBON PLATE SYSTEM has a wide range of settings so that each individual can comfortably find their own favourite feeling.
• On the SG CARBON PLATE SYSTEM you can choose any stance-settings from Alpine-style to Freeride-style.
• The materials are finest quality: carbon fibre plate + anodised 7075 aluminium hardware – lightweigth, strong, CNC machined, the best you can get!
• All parts are manufactured by ISO certified SG partners in Austria and Germany who are producing specialized parts for aircrafts and Formula 1 racing cars.
• The weight including all screws is just below 2 kg.
• The SG CARBON PLATE SYSTEM offers additional adjustments to define the flex of the snowboard. This is a great help if you are in various snow conditions (soft snow – stiffer flex, hard snow – softer flex, etc.).
• The flexing and dampening properties of the SG CARBON PLATE SYSTEM can be fine-adjusted with bumpers between the plate and the board.

And the best thing is: Even though there are so many possibilities to set your individual position of the SG CARBON PLATE SYSTEM – it is very simple and easy to use!

FLEX: Medium (M) and Hard (H)

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SG Carbon Plate System