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SG The Cult - Everyday fun

SG The Cult by Sigi Grabner - New fun carving board which offers you on and offslope pleasures all winter long. Its flex is softer than the Full Carve. 24,5 cm waist allows you to ride it also with soft setup and provides ample lift in powder and slush. SG THE CULT is really easy to carve but you can still push it to the limits if you like. EVERYDAY AND EVERYWHERE!

LENGTHS: SG The Cult 59 (159cm) and SG The Cult 69 (169cm).


  • SG Special Beech Core
  • Triax Glass Setup
  • Carbon/Kevlar® Beams
  • Extra Wide 24,5 cm
  • RCR Rocker
  • 4×2 Standard Insert Pattern
  • Sintered 6000 Base
  • Stone Grind

SPECS (all measures in mm):

Overall Length15901690
Running Length13301390
Nose Length170200
Tail Length90100
Nose Width286295
Waist Width235245
Tail Width274280
Avg. Sidecut Radius1000011800
Stance Range450-530470-550
Insert Pattern4×24×2
Suggested Settings
Reference Stance490510
Angles Front30°-45°30°-45°
Angles Back25°-40°25°-40°
Edge Tuning Base1°-1,5°1°-1,5°
Edge Tuning Base88°88°

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SG The Cult 2023-2024

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