SHINTRONIC - The missing link in your boots

A new product on the market against hurting shins of skiing or snowboarding is the Shintronic. This patented shin protector is made of strong Neoprene/Airprene and has smart padding inside that also can be repositioned. Fact is that the flat side of the shin bone will be used more effectively. The padding position translates power input faster to power output. The ergonomic design prooved to have so many positive effects that it became a 'Sport' product. The Shintronic not only prevents 'shin bang' to happen, but also provides better control, better steering and more power to its user. It should be noted that the Shintronic gives maximum power and maximum comfort at the same time. The Shintronic should be weared over the ski sock and inside the boot. One does not have to buckle up the boots very tightly to have 100% of the effect. Normal skiers and boarder sure will benefit from this invention. A whole array of expert snowboarders are using them already. A special group that will benefit are 'Newschoolers' and 'Freeriders' as their tricks and many landings are a heavy burden for legs and material.

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MANOOVE Shintronics

  • Brand: MANOOVE
  • Model: 2019-2020
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