KESSLER The Plate Rocket Cross - SBX plate system

KESSLER The Plate Rocket Cross - created for Boarder-Cross-Riders who are looking for the greatest overall performance. Thanks to the higher elevation that the Kessler The Plate Rocket Cross offers, the raceboard is able to get a lot more edge. Neither the boots nor the bindings contact the snow anymore, and the sleek shape of the binding plate ensures the same application of pressure. Kessler The Plate Rocket Cross snowboard plate system hugely increases the grip of the edges and boosts riding stability. Kessler The Plate Cross can be customised to the width of the race snowboard and can be quite simply installed on your own.


 310 mm

 Adjustable width

 230 mm / 242 mm / 252 mm

 Weight including screws

 1200 g

 Assembly instructions

 KESLER Plate Rocket Cross


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KESSLER The Plate Rocket Cross

  • Brand: KESSLER
  • Model: 2023-2024
  • Availability: Contact Us