BOOSTER Strap - The right gear counts!

The Booster power strap dramatically increases your performance. By using specially woven elastic webbing the Booster creates an elastic bond between your leg and your boot. You'll get a quicker start to your turn and more rebound by using the Booster power strap. Preloading the Booster also allows you to control the response of your board. The Booster strap is a power strap that adds stiffness to your boot. It attaches (using a post screw) to the plastic cuff of your boot, behind your calf, and two or three elastic bands provide active stiffness to the front of your boot. The Booster strap is especially compatible with ThermoFlex liners, as those liners come without the standard Velcro top straps.

• Kid (<52kg) - 2 short elastic bands. Ideal for Kids
• Soft (52-82kg) - 2 elastic bands. Ideal for good skiers and for light/not aggressive racer
• Medium/Expert (82-100kg) - 3 elastic bands. Ideal for very good skiers and racers
• World Cup (>100kg) - 3 reinforced elastic bands. Engineered to fit the needs of the World Cup skier

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  • Brand: BOOSTER
  • Model: 2023-2024
  • Availability: Contact Us